Ahi OÜ

Ahi OÜ is a charcoal producing company situated at Estonia, subject to REACH regulation. During the registration process we found out that acquiring necessary Letter of Access from charcoal consortium was unreasonably expensive. Fortunately, Stewardship Solutions introduced us a low-cost alternative, which was based on opt-out registration. After learning more about that possibility, we became confident to pursue with the opt-out route. Namely we felt that LoA cost allocation dictated by consortium was far from fair and transparent, as required under ECHA guidelines. The key was that our estimations indicated that the actual LoA costs should be only a fraction from consortium’s proposal, while they avoided explaining their cost structure. We became further confident to join Stewardship Solutions programme while communicating with Dr. Chris Eacott, who showed excellent responsiveness and expertize from the very beginning till the end of our registration journey.

For now we have successfully registered our substance. Looking back, we were lucky to cooperate with Dr. Eacott, as he turned the bureaucratic REACH regulation remarkably smooth and easy for us. We are confident to recommend their services to anybody who wishes to achieve compliance with chemical regulations in the most time- and cost-efficient way.

Tanel Juns
Sales and Financial Manager
Ahi OÜ,

Kabli village, Estonia