Apollo Scientific

Apollo Scientific

Apollo Scientific is a UK importer of speciality chemicals, and we had concerns about the potential costs of registering our chemical substances under REACH. We had an impression the costs could be high and needed some advice on the likely costs, so decided to find out more.  

We came across Stewardship Solutions during a search of possible consultancies and arranged a meeting to discuss our concerns. Chris Eacott quickly understood our situation and proposed alternative options that would help to lower our eventual registration costs.

For one group of chemicals, we decided that we needed to get an early indication of what the registration costs might be. We commissioned Stewardship Solutions to undertake a review of the technical literature to see what data was already available, and structure-activity modelling to see if groups of related substances could be grouped together into single registrations. From this starting point, Stewardship Solutions was able to devise a strategy that would require just a few substances to undergo laboratory testing, rather than every substance in the group, so reducing overall registration costs. Although this was quite a complex exercise, the subsequent report was easy to understand and the key points and recommendations were clearly presented. 

In fact, we were so impressed by the quality and speed of their work that we commissioned Stewardship Solutions to undertake a second study on a completely different substance – the outputs were just as good.

We now have a very good idea of the potential REACH registration costs we may be facing, well ahead of the 2018 REACH deadline, so have plenty of time to decide on our future course of action. We are pleased that we decided to utilise the services of Stewardship Solution, and if we do choose to proceed with our own REACH registrations, will be sure to ask them to assist us.

We can recommend the services of Stewardship Solutions without hesitation.

Philip Walker
Sales Director
Apollo Scientific Ltd
Manchester, UK