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Frontier Fireworks Ltd is a UK importer and user of professional fireworks (Category 4) and unfortunately comes under the scope of REACH. We import the finished article as complete fireworks but the chemicals that make up the fireworks exceed the one tonne threshold for Potassium Nitrate and Potassium Perchlorate.

As we were new to importing and our concentrated efforts were conforming to the already stringent regulations in place for importing and using fireworks (explosives) we were not aware of the REACH regulations. We missed the early pre-registration of these two chemicals and found ourselves in an unfortunate position of trying to register (unsuccessfully) the chemicals through ECHA.

After quite a number of months of getting nowhere with the HSE we were recommended to contact Stewardship Solutions. It took just one week for Dr. Chris Eacott at Stewardship Solutions to resolve our complex issues.

This reduced our stress considerably regarding REACH and we are thankful that our issues have been resolved by Stewardship Solutions who we highly recommend to anyone dealing with REACH issues.

REACH poses a serious threat to both our business and our industry due to the extreme costs involved which can run into tens of thousands of pounds. We are in a small industry and our expertise is designing and providing safe fireworks displays. We are not scientists and nor do we have the expertise to register these chemicals but we fully trust Chris who has been very helpful and has taken a direct interest in our industry. Without his help we would still be in the position of non-compliance through the eyes of the HSE.

Chris Verheyden
Managing Director
Frontier Fireworks Ltd, UK