GeeJay Chemicals

GeeJay Chemicals Ltd is a UK importer of Silica Gel and subject to REACH registration requirements for >100tpa substances. We are a micro business according to the EU SME definitions.

We were concerned by the extremely high cost of a Letter of Access asked for by the appropriate consortium. The justification given for this did  not seem relevant to a small company simply seeking to register a well-known, simple chemical, which was classified as non-hazardous.

Through REACHReady we were put in touch with Dr Chris Eacott of Stewardship Solutions, who on reviewing our problem suggested a full individual opt-out registration. This involved considerable correspondence with the consortium but we were guided every step of the way by Chris and his team.

After over 6 months work, we successfully attained our REACH registration. It was a long struggle and at times I thought we were not going to succeed but Chris and his team persevered and saw us through, so we have no hesitation in recommending them to any company who needs help with their REACH registration.

Gary Covington
Managing Director
GeeJay Chemicals Ltd