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I have engaged the consultancy services of Stewardship Solutions on two major projects within the last couple of years to help Innospec Inc develop its product stewardship capabilities.

In the more recent project, Chris Eacott worked with us to help develop a Product Stewardship Management system for our AsPac Region which is an ever-demanding & growing part of our business, supported by complex supply chains.

Chris very readily identified our needs on an entirely pragmatic level and was able to map out a simple but effective programme of work.  His great knowledge of the subject combined with his hands-on approach meant we were entirely comfortable about letting him work directly with our management teams, including some intense sessions with our Sales & Marketing team in Singapore.

The result was an extremely valuable gap analysis report and road-map for improvements.  This work literally galvanised the interest of senior business managers who have now taken full ownership for the actions identified.

The previous project was similar in that we needed to develop a Product Stewardship Management System for our Fuel Specialties USA business but different in that the system needed to pass a Third Party Audit as part of the ACC Responsible Care Program.

We engaged an associate of Chris, Kevin Barrett to work with our USA business team.  The results were similarly excellent.  Kevin also possesses great expertise and is able to identify readily the client’s needs and work effectively at a local, pragmatic level.  The new system passed its audit with flying colours and is now well embedded in the management systems of the businesses.

If I were to sum up Stewardship Solutions strengths in one sentence it would be, “They have great expertise in product stewardship combined with an ability to understand the global picture but at the same time provide pragmatic, local solutions “

Dr Richard Shone
VP Health, Safety & Environment
Innospec Ltd