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Lakeland laboratories have had to register products for REACH as part of consortia and on our own behalf. Being a small company we do not have the in house skills or expertise to deal with this and have used Stewardship Solutions Ltd. as consultants. We have also had to negotiate the buying and selling of letters of access for which we had no idea of how to value these.

Dr Chris Eacott has been invaluable during this period giving sound advice on all the diverse topics. Stewardship Solutions Ltd did all the preparation work and the IT work involved in the registration of a substance. They acted as SEIF facilitators which allowed the process to run smoothly.

Where needed to fill a data gap Stewardship Solutions Ltd. negotiated and commissioned the required test.

Dr Chris Eacott and Stewardship Solutions Ltd were professional and pragmatic in all the work they carried out for Lakeland Laboratories and we will be using them again over the next few years on the build-up to the 2018 deadline for REACH.

Mr Philip Clark
Lakeland Laboratories Ltd