London Chemicals & Resources

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London Chemicals & Resources Limited (LCR) are international distributors and suppliers of chemicals and metals for industry. We supply a range of chemicals into the EU which require registration under the REACH Program. We worked closely with Dr. Chris Eacott of Stewardship Solutions in developing and achieving a cohesive strategy for REACH compliance from an importer’s perspective.

Dr. Eacott helped us to fully understand the steps that needed to be taken and the process that we needed to go through. He also kept us fully informed at each step of the way.  With his professional help, we developed a strategy and action plan that enabled LCR to satisfactorily complete the registration process.

Dr. Eacott demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the chemicals industry and an understanding of all of the REACH compliance issues. Because of his expertise, Chris was able to correspond and work with the UK REACH authorities and European Chemicals Agency, on behalf of LCR to facilitate a rapid completion of the REACH registration that we needed.

Therefore we have no hesitation in recommending the services of Dr. Eacott and Stewardship Solutions Ltd.

Peter Nicholson
London Chemicals & Resources Ltd