Product Stewardardship Training

People must be trained so that they can properly fulfil their product stewardship roles and responsibilities.

Stewardship Solutions can help 

  • identify product stewardship best-practices;
  • compliance with industry product stewardship standards;
  • understand the fit between product stewardship and regulatory compliance;
  • develop/improve personal product stewardship skills;
  • clarify roles & responsibilities for product stewardship in the organisation;
  • develop a set of product stewardship tools;
  • understand how to positively influence suppliers and customers;
  • develop effective product stewardship programmes;
  • identify where to get further help.

Example training courses  

 Example PS Leadership Training Programme

 Example PS Sales Training Programme 

“[Chris] is a natural teacher in my view, comfortable with an audience, and highly competent at designing and then taking a group through a 2-3 day workshop.”

                                    Martin Howden, Executive Coach