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Colonial Chemical is a small US chemical company with a high interest in maintaining sales in the EU.  We were in need of an OR and someone to guide us through registrations for some of our unique chemical substances and prepare us for the upcoming 2018 deadline.

Chris Eacott of Stewardship Solutions came along at just the right time when we knew it would be important to start looking towards the future with the deadline rapidly approaching.  Chris and his team are knowledgeable and have been a great help to us by giving us a better understanding of REACh and what we need to do to prepare for the future.  I definitely feel comfortable knowing that Chris is in the driver’s seat with Letter of Access fee negotiations and with interactions with the consortia.

Because we are a small company, the high cost of REACh registration is a big concern to us.  Chris has given us beneficial advice when it comes to making sure we are getting the most cost effective registration possible.

Overall, we are very pleased with the work Chris and his team has done for us.  Colonial Chemical feels better prepared and ready to tackle the 2018 deadline.  Chris is easy to work with and quick with response.  We’re very happy Stewardship Solutions is on our side.

Thank you,

Jennifer Palmer
Regulatory Affairs Manager
Colonial Chemical, Inc.