Pagan Marketing

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Pagan Marketing Ltd, UK, is an Importer of charcoal and subject to REACH registration requirements for >100tpa substances. We are a micro business according to EU SME definitions.

For a long time we were very worried by the extremely high Letter of Access costs proposed by the charcoal consortium. This was a serious financial threat to our business. A big problem for us was that they never properly explained why the LOA costs were so high.

Then, we learnt about the alternative low-cost charcoal registrations programme which was initiated by Stewardship Solutions Ltd, and after speaking with its owner, Dr Chris Eacott, had no hesitation in joining the programme. 

Over a period of several weeks, Chris and his team guided us carefully and patiently through the many legal and practical steps that are part of an Individual REACH registration.

We have now successfully completed our >100tpa charcoal REACH registration and are extremely pleased and relieved that everything went so well and we no longer have to worry about REACH, and can get on with running our business.

Chris and his team were fantastic, and we have no hesitation in recommending him and Stewardship Solutions if you need help in completing your own charcoal REACH registrations

Jamie Bratt,
Managing Director
Pagan Marketing Ltd