Standard Greases


Our company is engaged in the manufacture of lubricating oils and greases. We are the world’s leading supplier of greases. Our parent company is based in India and recently we have started our operation in UAE. Our clients are big players in the lubricants market i.e Shell, BP, Gulf, Castrol etc. and it is our customer requirement to export the lubricants and greases to the EU. We simply knew that any material to be placed in the EU needs the REACH registration. We did not have the technical knowledge about the REACH process. Our management decided to hire a consultant and we started checking the sources in UAE and outside UAE. Unfortunately we could not find anybody offering these services in UAE. From outside UAE, many consultants did not respond, but fortunately we got a response from Stewardship Solutions Ltd. We decided to initiate the REACH and CLP processes with Stewardship Solutions Ltd.

It was a wonderful experience to work with Dr. Chris, of Stewardship Solutions Ltd. The whole process was conducted stepwise. All the concepts were cleared by Dr. Chris before the beginning of the process. We found him to be highly competent and a highly knowledgeable person in his area of work. He supported us during the REACH pre-registration and CLP notification of several substances. He made the communication with those EU suppliers who were prepared to support re-import of their substances to the EU, in Standard Greases products. Dr. Chris made the process very easy indeed. The whole REACH compliance process, and also the complex technical analysis to arrive at SDSs for end products such that they did not require hazard classifications, took about 5 to 6 months. 

We are yet to start the export to EU, but Dr. Chris has already confirmed the future availability of his services towards this goal.

We have a set of observations on Stewardship Solutions Ltd.:

  • High technical competency in REACH processes
  • Knowledge about the pre-registration requirements of the component substances in formulated products, such as lubricating oils and greases
  • Knowledge about the registration of the products
  • Understanding EU norms for REACH registration
  • Highly competitive rates compared to others
  • Assistance in exporting the products to the EU

We highly recommend Stewardship Solutions Ltd., if anybody is interested in REACH registration. For sure, you are going to get your products registered in time, at competitive rates, and above all, the latest and future requirements of REACH and CLP are taken care of and you don’t have to worry about the technical requirements related to the REACH registration.

Sadhana Dudhe
Standard Greases & Specialities LLC
Ras Al Khaimah
United Arab Emirates