European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) contracted Stewardship Solutions Ltd, UK, to help support enhancements to its Quality Management System.

Initially, a gap-analysis assessment was undertaken which involved seeking the opinions of EFSA staff about the effectiveness of the existing management system. Stewardship Solutions helped construct the questionnaire which was issued to all members of staff, and assisted in analysis of the resulting feedback.

Following a subsequent public open-tender process, Stewardship Solutions was selected to help draft new / revised SOPs covering EFSA scientific activities. This necessitated Dr. Chris Eacott, head of Stewardship Solutions, engaging in intensive fact-finding discussions with relevant staff at EFSA headquarters, Parma, Italy.

In practice, the generation of an eventual 24 scientific and related SOPs proved to be a highly iterative exercise involving Stewardship Solutions, EFSA Quality Management and SOP owners, and took approx. 6 months to complete.

We are pleased to say that Stewardship Solutions fulfilled its contractual obligations to EFSA expectations and within the agreed project budget.

Dr. Roy Kirby
Head of Quality Management
European Food Safety Authority